Self tapes

The request from casting agents for acting agents to ask their clients to send in a self tape of themselves for a role has become more and more frequent in the last couple of years. Often these tapes are recorded on a mobile phone or a computer where the quality is not that great. The sound and lighting are often poor and casting agents frequently stipulate that the tape must be audible and well lit.


Here at One Step Beyond we will give you a greater edge when sending in your self tape. We can offer a service that will greatly enhance your audition tape.


Often self tapes come in at very short notice and providing you live in London (and we are available) we will travel to you or you can travel to us.

We use a professional digital recording camera along with lights and recording equipment.

We have minimal (but very effective) equipment so no matter how big or small your space is, the 'shoot' will not take up much room.


We can then edit the piece straight away (if needed) on Final Cut Pro X and include a slate with all the necessary details such as your name: agent: role: etc.


Once done we can download and send the tape straight away to your agent.


For an example of our work please contact us.